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Mockup of large Canted Cosine-Theta magnet for medical beam delivery gantry
Mock-up of a Canted Cosine-Theta magnet for large-aperture medical gantry project
Rendering of a Canted Cosine-Theta dipole magnet shows winding layers
Two views of a CCT dipole show winding arrangement, stress management provisions
Acoustic signature could help detect, understand, prevent quenches
Joint-minimizing conceptual design for superconducting elliptically polarized undulator
Elliptically polarizing, permanent-magnet (left) and in-vacuum insertion devices
Winding facility for experimental niobium-three-tin superconducting undulators
Combined-function (left), gradient dipole (center), quadrupole magnets for ALS Upgrade
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Soft-X-ray undulators are among key LBNL contributions to LCLS-II project at SLAC
Weaving superconductor into cables is key part of "mesoscale to magnet" expertise

BCMT is a center of expertise for magnetic-systems science and engineering, providing vital underpinnings for many aspects of the DOE Office of Science mission. BCMT strengths include

  • Integrating and sharing our unique resources, infrastructure, and common tools
  • Serving the needs of the Laboratory and DOE and opening up new applications
  • Developing complete magnet systems from concept and design through production and system integration